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I am inspired by children who battle cancer. Here I keep a diary of their stories and the influence they have left on me.

If you have concerns about the posts, send me an e-mail.

Nellie Mae, from London UK, was one beautiful baby girl with adorable chubby cheeks and magical blue eyes. Her little happy face made me smile countless times. She passed away last week on 7th March and gained her angel wings. She was only 1 year old.

Nellie was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma - like most of those whom I've written about - in July 2020 when she was 6 months old. She had her only birthday on 15th December 2020. She underwent chemo, stem cell therapy, and a tumor removal operation at Great Ormon Street Hospital. The family were raising money in order to go to US and get the best treatment possible. I wish they had more time and options.

No doubt that anybody who get to see Nellie's smile can easily fell in love with her. I will miss her.

instagram: @nellie_mae_lane

I woke up to the horrible news of Penelope. She has passed away surrounded by her family. She was in a very difficult-to-watch condition and her cancer was so aggressive. My heart hurts as I think of how she was feeling and what she was thinking of in the last couple weeks. I never know that neuroblastoma could hit that bad.

I remember the times when I was watching her live videos during radiation therapy. How fast things change... I knew that the time would come and I'd shed tears listening to Airplanes, one of her favorite songs.

I will miss you and never forget you, sweet baby girl.

12 February 2021 5:44 pm EST.

Dear Kaylee, I didn't know you have a second name, "Jean". Just another beautiful detail about you making me wanna cry. I am happy that I did tell you I love you before it's too late. I am terribly sorry that I let you down, that I couldn't do anything to save you. I promise I will never ever forget you. Your smiles has become a part of my heart. You are the most beautiful girl ever. You are the superhero of my dreams. Your courage and determination will continue to light up in my bones; your strength will continue to run through my veins. I will be the successor of one-for-all and fight for your legacy. Please watch over me too.

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