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Eislyn's gained her angel wings 💔

Today, I am deeply heartbroken by the news of Eislyn gaining her angel wings.

Eislyn was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in November 2019 when she was one year old. Unfortunately the bone marrow transplant she received didn't work and she relapsed. She left Boston Children's to go home on hospice in July 2020. Since then she had been enjoying her unknown time left with her family, having adventures, making memories, smiling in all photos posted on Facebook. On 24th September she got to see her 2nd birthday, which I am both happy and sad about it. It happened to be her 2nd and last birthday on the earth. 2 extremely short years.. Life is unfair! Why did she ever have to give such huge battle in her little lifespan while there are millions out there, who don't even deserve to live, enjoying easy and long life?

It always makes me go insane as I see that Eislyn and children like her are totally oblivious to what is happening to them and how much time left they have. Eislyn kept fighting so hard till the very end without knowing about her condition. She has become an inspiration to me to remember forever by showing her beautiful smiles, strength and spirit of never give up. I also like her fantastic unique name that means Dream.

I will keep watching her memories on the Fb page: Eislyn Strong


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