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Happy 3rd Birthday Callie!

Callie is a beautiful sassy toddler from Hamilton, Ohio. She is a big fan of Peppa Pig. She has a lot of Peppa Pig toys, gadgets, clothes and etc. She likes Minnie Mouse and Baby Shark too. She likes painting. Her favorite song is Angel Baby by Rosie and The Originals. In fact, she is the reason how I met that song and like it so much. I love hearing her baby voice, her happy and sometimes little grumpy moments, catching up the live videos that her parents stream.

Today is Callie's 3rd birthday. Callie and her parents celebrated her birthday in their hospital room at Cincinnati Children's. It was touching to watch to live birthday video stream and see her having many birthday presents from so many people all around the country. It gives me chills and hope that there are (still) good people who care about the children and support their families along that exhausting heart-wrenching journey. I sent her some presents too, I hope she likes them. Her lovely parents have been asking Callie's followers to send hand-written birthday letters with scenic background. The plan is to make a book in which the birthday messages from different locations are pasted. Hence, I sent Callie a letter from Norway. 😊

Callie was diagnosed with stage-4 high risk neuroblastoma back in January 2019 when she was 17 months old. She had received initial treatment but the cancer relapsed. She went on many rounds of chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, radiation therapy and immunotherapy at Cincinnati Children's. She has so far been through so many things that no child has to ever experience. I am amazed by her brave soul and strong body that have endured so much pain. Currently she is waiting for the news from Texas Children's Hospital to get back her modified T cells that will save her life. I believe this is the clinical trial she strives for: I wish and hope the trial works out everyday.

Many thanks to her beautiful parents for sharing with us every step they take throughout their battle against cancer. I follow their updates on Fb: Callie strong,Tiny but mighty. There are several ways of helping Callie and her family described on the page. The fundraising:


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