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I wish I could save you

While people were celebrating the new year all around the world despite the global pandemic, Klay's momma posted the sad news on Facebook. I've been very scared of the possibility of hearing it for a while, and unfortunately I faced it. I can't even imagine what's going on his parents' heads. Instead of having damn 2021 fun, I chose to shed tears in a miserable way, thinking about his little heart being oblivious to happenings and sent home on hospice care.

It is damn unfair. When you see a 2-year old fighting his best fight without knowing what cancer is, what all those cables attached to his tiny body are, or why those terrible bruises happen; and yet enduring more than many adults, it is damn unfair. People are blind to their surrounding, they don't know about the problems of someone else, don't care about others, choose not to see negative or bad things on purpose. I wish all those spells, black magics and supernatural events were real, so would definitely save him by selling my own life. I might even have saved more than one kid if only my soul wasn't such worthless.

Klay was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia that has a gene mutation called MLL or KMT2A (Beautiful angel Natalia had MLL too 😞). Unfortunately it is very fast-growing and one of the worst his oncologist has ever seen. The family is raising many for the NK (natural killer) trial and a drug called Mylotarg in St Louis. I follow his story on the page "Super Klay's Adventure". The most below is published by momma Destinee.

Klay is my hero. I am ultimately impressed by his strength, spirit to never give up, and his smiling cutiepie face. It kills me doing nothing to save him.


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