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Isabella has gained her angel wings 💔

I woke up to another devastating news today. Beautiful Isabella from Toronto has become an angel. I read the post over and over again, especially the part "She fought so fiercely in her 8 month battle with DIPG that she didn't understand, while believing until the end that the doctors were going to fix her and make her feel better." She was pure innocent, oblivious to the happenings around and in need of protection. She kept hope and trusted us because we adults always do whatever it takes to protect our children. We obviously have failed her. We couldn't protect her, make her keep playing and dancing, or extend her life-time to make her feel kid long enough. I'm very sorry, Isabella, for letting you down. I wish we invested enough in research to prevent cancer deaths instead of pumping billions on stupid things. I wish we had a global emergency to cure it. I wish there was a world where the life of a child is such valuable that people, corporates and governments are scared and distressed of losing even one child. I am very sorry it is not the situation.

Isabella bravely fought DIPG, the brain cancer that has no survival possibility and no cure. I will never ever forget her beautiful face and innocent heart. You will be missed so much.

Fb: Isabella's Battle with DIPG


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