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Kate loves unicorns !

Kate is a 4-year-old sassy girl from Florida. She was diagnosed with stage-4 high risk neuroblastoma back in October 2019 and has been battling cancer ever since. She has been through a major surgery for tumor removal and many rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, platelet transfusion and stem cell transfusion. Thankfully her body has responded to the treatments and she has successfully come a very long way so far. She continues to receive treatments in UF Health Shands Children's Hospital in Gainesville. Where she got radiotherapy was UF Health Proton Therapy Institute in Jacksonville.

Kate is as brave and strong as all other kids fighting the same disease. Her voice and smile makes me smile. She likes cookies, donuts and cupcakes. She likes Disney characters. She is in love with unicorns. She takes her unicorns with her wherever she goes. Besides, she has a great imagination and creativity spilled onto papers. She loves painting, and she wants to be an artist. You would definitely want to see her artworks on the Fb page. I asked her parents for one of her artworks in order to print on my shirt, so that I would have a meaningful bound with a little heart that I don't even know in person. I asked my brother to help me remove the background and noise from the photo that I received from the parents. Then, I made the custom design and ordered it. I would have ordered more than one t-shirt if I had an idea of how good its present look. Better than I expected. That is a cute, colorful unicorn 🦄 and to me it is a present from Kate.

I am into drawings especially that of anime style. I would love to draw and paint together with Kate someday, if I ever get to move to the USA (fingers crossed). I could teach her and many other kids how to draw anime characters.

I follow Kate's journey on Fb: Team Kate. I enjoy reading the updates, it continuously teaches me so many things I'd never though of. Kate has fabulous parents and a beautiful brother who love her so much.

September, my favorite month of the year, has finally come. I am so excited to spread the awareness of childhood cancer 🎗️, even though it might mean repetitive, annoying social media posts to some in my network.


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