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The news I never wanted to hear

Kaylee is out of options. She is going home to enjoy huggings, kisses, snuggles with her beautiful mama and sister. I hate the word hospice. I hate cancer. I hate watching kids return home on hospice. I hate every single human being who ignores these children and prioritize other bullshit problems over childhood cancer.

I was so hopeful about her treatment. I was daily thinking about her as she keeps inspiring me. That news has totally ruined me. I don't want to see her wearing angel wings. I want to see her grow up happily together with her sister. I wish I could trade my own life to save her. I wish I had a chance to meet her instead of being thousands of miles away. Literally don't have a damn opinion how I am gonna work next week trying to suppress my emotions. I don't even want to work anymore.

"When I told her we were going home smiled a big Kaylee smile".. That is just too heavy to read.

Fb: Caring for Kaylee.


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