What is User Research?

June 21, 2017

User research is a discipline that is providing insights into product users, their perspectives and abilities to the right people at the right time. User research helps to answer three significant questions.


1. What do people need?

2. What do people want?

3. Can they use the product or service that we're working on.


We need the clear answers of these questions to see if we have done the research correct.


For example;

You are working on an application that gives users healthy food variations daily. Make a list of your questions.


*What is healthy food?

*Why do people prefer junk food instead of healthy food?

*Does junk food or healthy food taste better?

*Does junk food or healthy food cost cheaper?

*What are the affects of consuming junk food in short-term and long-term?

*Do we have any data that displays the eating habits of people?

*Do you often see people going to the fast food shops or healthy food shops?

*Have you ever seen a vendor machine including fresh vegetables and healthy foods instead of candies, chocolates and cokes?

*Do you often see people use vendor machines to buy food or snack?


The list might have more questions. The answer of each question will help us to answer the first three questions. People need healthy food but they might be happy with consuming fast food because it is more delicious and cheap. They might not want to spend time with searching in the market, buying and preparing healthy food at home, After the answers come out, you will see that perhaps people do not want it or vendor machines will not work for this problem.


If the user research tells you that the thing that you're working on answers people's need and want, and can be usable by people, then you can step forward to validation part of your idea.

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